Top Tips for Ordering Jewelry Online

Some people love shopping online and think nothing of ordering multiple things, only to send back anything they’re not sure about. Others, prefer shopping in person. They like to see what they’re buying first, to get a full sensory experience and to be certain before they part with their hard-earned money. Whichever camp you fall into, you’d perhaps think twice before ordering jewelry online. Especially if it’s for someone else. Jewelry is hugely personal, and many of us have been burned by the reality of something not quite living up to its appearance online. However, if done right, buying jewelry online can be a fantastic investment. You can save money, get some great advice and receive the product of your dreams. Here are some top tips to help make sure you get the best.

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Take Your Time

You wouldn’t rush into buying an expensive piece on the high street, would you? If you were looking at princess cut engagement rings that pop, you wouldn’t just buy the first one that looked good. You’d take your time, look around a few shops and think things through. Buying online is exactly the same. In many ways, it’s easier to rush in, with that little “buy now” button staring at you. But, try to treat your online purchase with the same thought as you would in store.

Ask Questions

One reason people prefer shopping face to face is that they can ask questions. There’s nothing to stop you doing this online too. Most websites have contact forms, email addresses or phone numbers. There is always a real person somewhere that can offer you advice and answer your questions; you just need to get in touch.

Trust Your Instincts

Online only stores save a fortune on overheads such as rent and buildings insurance. This means they are in a position to offer you an amazing deal. So, don’t automatically assume something is too good to be true. But, that said, you should always trust your instincts. If you’ve got a bad feeling, or think a deal looks dodgy, ask those questions before you commit.

Read Reviews

You can read reviews of products online, but also of shops. It’s also a good idea to see if the retailer sells on sites like Amazon or eBay and read their reviews there. However, it’s important not to judge on a few bad reviews, look to see if the retailer has replied and consider any extenuating circumstances.

Check the Returns Policy

The best way to protect yourself is by looking at the store’s returns policy. Most retailers should offer a 14-day return on unused and undamaged items, and most will offer even longer if there is something wrong with the piece. You should be able to find their returns policy displayed openly on their website. Look in the menus and the footer if you are struggling.

Look around, consider your options, and do your research before committing. Buying jewelry online can be a great experience. Just be careful and ask for help if you need it.